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How to make adorable hanging kitchen towels

These are two finished towels from my first batch.

These are two finished towels from my first batch.

This has been a post long time in the making. 2 years ago, I came upon this post on Pinterest. (Here is the pdf of the directions and pattern.) I thought, “Oh, what a great idea.” And so I proceeded to make them for Christmas presents in 2011. And everyone rejoiced. My mom, proceeded to tell me that she needed more of them AND wouldn’t it be a great idea to do some for the different holidays? Well, yes, yes it would. But, I had just got done thinking to myself that I wasn’t going to make anymore of them (I think I just dreamed a little too big in my first batch). But, you know, she is my mother. So, for Christmas 2012, I decided that I was going to make another batch of them. This time I scaled back on how many people received them, BUT each person that did get them got a big selection of holiday ones, so I think it basically ended up being the same.

Here is my second batch towels.

Here is my second batch towels.

Things I learned while making the towels:
Go big on the buttons. I ended up picking out specialty buttons for the second batch and they basically ended up stealing the show. Splurge a little on the buttons and you won’t regret it.
• Same thing goes for towels.
If you use interfacing, thicker the better. I didn’t use the flannel as the pattern suggested, I actually used interfacing (mostly because I already had some that I could use). In my first batch, I just use the normal kind that I had. After a couple washings, it starts to look kind of saggy. So, as my grandma suggested, on the second batch, I used a thick interfacing. It worked SO MUCH BETTER. Listen to your grandma.
• Don’t skip the ironing. I hate ironing. I actually only have an iron in the house for crafts, and I still don’t want to use it. With this craft though, don’t skip it. It makes your life 100 percent easier.
Assembly line. I found the easiest way was to do each step for all the towels at once. Already have the iron out? Go ahead and iron on all the interfacing. Have out your button foot? Go ahead and make all the button holes.

And now, let’s get to actually making the towels … (note: all of these steps are from the first batch)

Washed Fabric

1. After you have gathered all of the fabric, thread, towels, etc. Wash everything.

2. Cut out the pattern pieces and put them to together (tape, glue, etc.)


3. Cut out the fabric. You will need two matching pieces per towel.


4. If using interfacing, go ahead and iron it on. Be sure to get into the top, pointed area. If using flannel, go ahead and cut out that as well.


4. Pin the pieces together with one side of fabric (right-side up) and the other fabric (right-side down).


5. Stitch around starting at the bottom (on either side), all the way up and back down to the other side. Leave the bottom open.


6. Turn it right-side out and then iron.


7. Sew up the sides again. So you have something else that looks like above.


8. Cut towel in half. (You only need a half for each one.) Then gather the raw edge of the dishtowel up so that it will fit in your opening nicely. Do this step by using needle and thread to gather.


9. Turn in a hem on the bottom. Insert the top of the towel (raw, gathered edge) into the open side of the handle — make sure it’s at least an inch. And then pin in place.


10. Sew at least two rows of stitches to hold in place.


11. Grab your button. Use it to mark on the handle that folds down where you would like your buttonhole to be. (I just placed the button down and marked a little above and a little below the actual button.) Here you can use your buttonhole foot or whatever fancy things you do to make holes. My machine decided to break and not to the button function anymore (about half way through the first batch). It would only go up one side but not the other (quite the pain)!


12. Fold down the top part of the handle and figure out where you would like the button to be. Mark it on the wide base. Sew on button.


13. And you are done!

Here are some highlights of the towels that I made:

2012-12-12 03.50.03
2012-12-12 03.48.05
2012-12-12 03.57.42
2012-12-12 03.51.28

2012-12-12 03.48.38

2012-12-12 03.50.15

2012-12-12 04.00.29

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Dear Avenue, You Were Dead To Me

UPDATE: Corporate Avenue contacted me about my issue. I was put in touch with a general manager who straightened everything out. She said she would talk to the store manager and that when I went back there would be no problem. I went to the same store to exchange the shoes, even though I was worried about a repeat experience. The sign saying that they didn’t except returns was nowhere to be found. The store manager was super nice and didn’t give me any grief. It seems getting in trouble with upper manager can make people do a 180. I’d like to thank The Avenue for getting everything sorted out for me! Below is the original post.


Avenue, you are dead to me.

I used to like the Avenue, I really did.

Every so often, you could find really cute things there. I personally loved their bras and, recently, their shoes. (Especially because they go up to my size 12 boats.)

BUT, I had a horrible experience with them today. Recently, I purchased a pair of shoes online. The shoes were surprisingly too big. So instead of paying to send them back in, I decided to exchange them at a store.

Call the store to make sure they have the exact ones that I need but in a size smaller. They do. Score!

Drive to the store. Try them on. Decide that, yes, a smaller size would fit much better.

The cashier was very nice, but had to call over a manager to do the exchange. Manager wasn’t very nice to begin with, so maybe I should have been tipped off. While she was working on the exchange, I noticed this sign and promptly snuck this photo:

Thankfully, I wasn’t returning the shoes. I wouldn’t have even purchased from their online store if I couldn’t do in-store exchanges. Paying to ship it back-in-forth just isn’t my deal. So, unless you offer free return shipping, I won’t be ordering from you.

She was in the middle of the exchange when she finally looked at my receipt.

Manager: “These were free.”
Me: “Yeah, I used a coupon.”
Manager: “Well, I can’t exchange them.”
Me: “What do you mean? Why?”
Manager: “You didn’t pay anything for them. You are taking a product out of my store that you didn’t pay for.”
Me: “So you aren’t letting me exchange them?”
Manager: “No.”

At this point, I grab the shoes and leave. As I write this, I wish I would have stayed and put up a fuss. I was just so angry, I had to get out of there.

I am trying to exchange the exact same shoes (minus the size). Everything was the same, down to the color. You are getting the same shoes in return. How am I taking your product? You will have the same product! I am not stealing any money from your store.

I get to my car and decide to call the customer service number.

Once I finally get someone, I explain my deal, and then this happens:

CS: Why wouldn’t they let you exchange?
Me: Because they said I got it for free when I just used a coupon.
CS: Well, they should let you.
Me: Yeah, but they are refusing to.
CS: Well, you can send them in and exchange them.
Me: But then I have to pay. Why should I have to pay for shipping when I am at the store right now? I should be able to just exchange them.
CS: Well, we aren’t affiliated with the stores. You would have to talk to the manager. This is just the costumer service for online Avenue.
Me: She is the one that refused the exchange.
CS: Well, there’s nothing we can do.
Me: Is there someone else I can speak to that could help me? Do you have a number for corporate?
CS: No. You would have to talk to the manager.
Me: So I can’t exchange my shoes unless I pay to ship them back.
CS: Yes … (and then I think she said something else)
Me: Thank you for nothing. (Then I hung up)

I have looked for other number, but I can’t find any.

I am so angry. On their site it says, “Your satisfaction is guaranteed.” I guess they better be taking that down.

Goodbye, Avenue, you have lost a costumer.

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Making a wreath for February/Valentine’s Day

After Christmas, there is always this weird period of time between January and the beginning of spring where I don’t really have anything for my door. I do have a winter wreath that’s just greenery, but I have been looking at that since after Thanksgiving. So, I decided to make a wreath for February. Especially after I saw this one on Pinterest.

BUT, it didn’t have a how-to, so here is what I did to create a version of that wreath.

First, the supplies. You’ll need:
Pins (small, flat head)

I really wanted one of those white foam wreaths, but I couldn’t find one. Plus, the wreath that I got was only $5.

To start, make a knot at the end of the yarn. Then, put a pin through the knot so that it stays in place.


Push the pin into the back and start to wind the yarn around the wreath.

It will be slow going, so don’t get discouraged!

Then just wind and wind and wind. I cut the yarn into manageable pieces and pinned them on. The smaller pieces allow you to get a nice, tight wrap.


I would just use the next piece to go over the pin so you can’t even see them when you look at it.

Wrapping is complete!

And then pick out the colors for your hearts. I picked pink and red since those were the colors I thought were in the Pinterest one, but I also bought white since I thought I might want three colors. I purchased red and pink felt, but I bought white fleece because it wasn’t as see-through as the white felt.

Then, initially I got a template off the Internet to cut out my hearts.

But when I laid them out, I didn’t like them.

So I tossed the template and just free-handed it. I also decided to ditch the pink.

After you cut out all your hearts, arrange them as you would like on the wreath.


Take your yarn and cross it over each heart. Some will stick up, but don’t worry about it.

Once you have them all crossed, get your glue. Use toothpicks (at least that it what I used) to help get the glue down into the hearts.

And once it is dry … it’s finished!

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Couple “Too Fat” To Adopt

Council tells couple they are too fat to adopt

BMI strikes again. Guy has BMI of 42 and council has denied application for adoption. As he says in the article, he is “no couch potato” and gets out and walks the dog twice a day, etc. and “feels healthy.”

A “healthy” BMI isn’t the key to life — you aren’t going to live forever — but I guess the council doesn’t realize this. Just another thing that is decided because of some outdated fat chart that tells us when we are “normal.”

I would have also be denied adoption as my BMI is 41.

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