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Lane Bryant endorses new “More to Love” fat dating show

Remember how I had mentioned about the “More to Love” show …

Well, I always get e-mail from Lane Bryant — about their sales, etc. — well, guess what I spy in the latest one:

E-mail banner

Yeah, that’s right a banner ad for the show. They are actually holding casting calls at the stores! There they go pimping out the fatties.

If you are interested in going to the casting call, here’s the link: Sell Your Soul Here.


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Scream out loud, “I love big women”

This post is pretty old, but this “Big Love” article almost made me tear up. It was so touching.

It’s a column by Josh Max about loving fat women …

Slowly, liking fat girls stopped being something I needed to hide. I believe my preference is akin to liking polka or silent movies; not everyone is into it, but just because you are doesn’t make you a freak. You’re just a part of a lesser segment of society. I find many fat women profoundly beautiful to look at and touch, though I realize that by saying so I am embracing an altogether different standard of beauty than does most of the Western world.

His wife’s take on it:

And how does she feel about me and my passion for her body? “I love it,” she says. “For years I thought I would have to find someone who loved me in spite of my size, someone who would be willing to put up with it. To have someone adore me and my body is a gift.”

I know lots of fat people that feel that they have to find people that only love them for their personality. Why would anyone actually love their rolls and cellulite? It’s nice to hear of other people that have found that connection — that embrace the fat — instead of avoid it.

As someone I know once said about the his about-to-be-wife’s looks — “She’s a 2, but ….” I don’t want a “but.” Ever. I want to end up with someone that thinks I’m beautiful inside and out.

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